Jun, 2024
Jun, 2024

Resort Policy

LEEBONG Island Resort has a no pet policy.


LEEBONG Island Resort reserves the right to remove and/or confiscate any of the above items found in any room immediately without notice to the Clients and to charge the Clients for any costs incurred for taking such action or for any loss or damage caused to the room, premises or property or to any resort guests or third party as a result of the Clients failure to comply with this policy.


LEEBONG Island Resort is located in a tropical environment. We will not be responsible for from any injury, illness, or loss resulting from any other insect-borne disease or similar tropical illness of any nature whatsoever. The Clients who are pregnant or may become pregnant should seek the advice of a qualified physician prior to travel.


LEEBONG Island Resort will not be responsible for from any injury, illness, or loss resulting from food allergies or Resort’s inability to meet specific dietary needs or requirements.


Due to the unique nature of the Resort, LEEBONG Island Resort may not be suitable for the Clients with certain disabilities and mobility issues.


LEEBONG Island Resort reserves the right to evict the Clients from the Resort without refund (subject to any law to the contrary) in the event of any behaviour which we deem inappropriate, offensive or unlawful.


The Clients are responsible for the security of the Clients own personal property. We will not be responsible for the loss of any of the Clients property from the Clients room or elsewhere at the Resort unless it can be attributed to our sole negligence.


The Clients will be responsible for any breakages, losses or damage caused by the Clients or a member of the Clients party during the Clients stay in the accommodation. It is the Clients responsibility to put right the damage or to make full payment to LEEBONG Island Resort before departure and to indemnify us against any losses, damages or claims made against us.


LEEBONG Island Resort shall not be responsible and no refund for the failure to provide facilities as a result of Force Majeure or any other cause beyond resort control including without limitation: acts or orders of governmental authorities; weather; fire; flood; tsunami; earthquake; volcanic activity; lightning; airline delays or cancellations for any reason; utility outages; strike, lockout, or work stoppage; terrorism; or any event typically described as Force Majeure.


In the event that LEEBONG Island Resort finds itself unable to honour a booking by providing the accommodation within the Resort, it shall at the Resort’s expense, provide alternative accommodation and other services in another Resort of the same category and in such case, the Resort shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations arising from this agreement and shall be exonerated from any liability for breach of contract.


All booking payment must be transfer to:

Account Number : 8895188821
Swift Code : CENAIDJA